Jucmatic, S.A. is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture, reparation and exploitation of kiddie rides. This is, essentially, the best guarantee for our clients.

Installing kiddie rides in shopping centres, shops, kiosks, amusement parks, etc. may be both a profitable investment and an entertainment for children.

Always Something New

Our firm launches a new product every so often, thereby, once the kiddie ride is installed in your shop, you will benefit from our services, renovating the rides frequently. In this way, you will both surprise children and make your business profitable.

Our services include the installation of one or several kiddie rides and capsule vending machines, provided in deposit. Therefore, our firm will be responsible for its maintenance, reparation and cash collection.

We are also an operator of all types of amusement machines (amusement and amusement with prize machines, football and pool tables, dartboards, etc...)

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